My name is Casper Riboe and i am 23.

I have studied Software Development at the IT-University of Copenhagen and currently work as a full-time iOS Developer at Shape.

I started coding during college with the lowest level of the course. I chose to go with another environment and language than what was taught in the course (Python), and picked up GameMaker: Studio's GML language. From then i started to code in Xcode with a Keyboard Extension called Phraser, written in Swift. From then on I had  done minor projects such as my Ski Tracker and a bulletin board called Bullet, both of which have been developed in rather short time and still work-in-progress. I try to always learn new skills and has recently started more work on my Ski Tracker app including a more structured development process where I learn to use Sketch to layout my plans with the app, before hitting the code.

I currently focus on developing native iOS apps, but hope to explore more areas in the future.

Feel free to contact me.