Ever since the launch of iOS8 ,when Apple made it possible for developers to create custom keyboards for the users of iOS, I've had this idea of a keyboard that can hold and insert predefined (and potentially long) phrases which you often write.

I know that Apple has made it possible for users to make shortcuts (much like how autocorrect works) where "mail" would place your 100 characters long e-mail, but many people are not aware of this. This is however where my keyboard comes in handy.

Even though you might have shortcuts for you e-mail, address, etc., you still have to type (and possibly misspell) or you might just add another tedious word to autocorrect. But that is all gone with Phraser. Here you just scroll down to your phrase, and choose insert, choose another one, or switch back to your normal keyboard. Just like switching to find that one emoji - its that simple..



  • The delete button can now be held down to continue to delete text.

v1.0, build 8 (First release)

  • Updated the Instructions and Privacy text to look sharper.
  • Updated the "Help" icon.
  • Updated the sizes of icons/symbols on the keyboard, to use different sizes based on the device.
  • Updated the sizing of buttons on the keyboard.

v1.0, build 7

  • Added a "Help" tab to the main app, with credits and instructions on how to setup the keyboard.
  • Added a "Privacy" page which can be accessed from the bottom of the Help tab.
  • Updated the "Help" icon.
  • Updated the Backspace icon on the keyboard for a more smoother and native look.
  • The instructions are now using a larger image for a sharper look.
  • The "Add Phrase" and "Save Phrase" are now positioned correctly on models using the same resolution as the iPhone 4S.

v1.0, build 6

  • The keyboard buttons now have custom icons instead of characters and emojis. This gives a more streamlined and smoother look.
  • The space and delete buttons now scale proportionally to the height with a fixed aspect ratio. Therefore:
  • The insert button is now the only button to scale it's width based on the space left after the remaining buttons have completed their scaling.
  • Clicking on a Phrase in main app will open a page to edit the phrase.
  • A Welcome screen is now shown the first time the app is launched, giving instructions on how to add the keyboard.
  • All icons are now vector images instead of 3 different raster images of different sizes.

v1.0, build 5

  • The keyboard in the main app will now disappear when tapping anywhere on the page, but any elements such as buttons, text fields, etc.
  • Hitting return on the keyboard in the main app when adding a phrase, will now do the same as hitting the "Add phrase" button.
  • The reorder icon and function will now only show if more than one phrase is present.
  • The "Edit" button will now change to read "Done" when in editing mode, and back to "Edit" when Done is hit.
  • A "Cancel" button is now present when in editing mode, allowing the user to cancel any deletions and reordering of phrases.


v1.0, build 4

  • The keyboard's colors have been tweaked to better feel as a native keyboard to the system, using system-like colors.
  • The keyboards buttons now scales for a more perfect tab-friendly size, meeting the sizes of the build-in keyboard.


v1.0, build 3

  • The keyboard is now in a light "theme" instead of initial dark theme.
  • The tab bar in the main app now has new logos to represent to the corresponding page's purpose.


v1.0, build 2

  • The keyboard now loads on an actual device (Previously untested, and therefore only worked on Simulator).
  • The list of phrases can now be reordered and a specific phrase can now be deleted, all through "Edit" mode.
  • An unprecise constraint in the keyboard has now been fixed.
  • The main app has been redesigned with a more "lighter" feel:
    • More space has been added between cells.
    • A new background has been added for the main app.
    • A navigation bar has been added to the top of the app (including an "Edit" button).


Initial build (v1.0, Build 1)

This is the initial build for the first round of testing, where core functionality is done. This includes:

  • Adding phrases
  • Deleting phrases
  • Inserting phrases through keyboard