Butchers POS


Butchers POS (Point of sale system) is an iOS App created to control and maintain the bar Butchers’ storage with an iPad

The app is a very simple and kriminalistic POS App, without the sale function, yet it shows the bar’s revenue for the time it has run (ie. one night).

When the night is finished, the user can export all the data to a .CSV file and import that to Excel to keep track of the stock of the storage. This can be done by e-mail and by uploading to Dropbox og Google Drive.

The items in the app is made before-hand. The app is therefore designed specifically to the current line of items being sold. A functionality to add in items on the iPad is underway, but without it, mistakes to the items is also prevented.

In the settings page the user can reset, save and export the data. This is protected by a passcode, so only the managers can access this page.


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