I have setup a couple of pages, which primarily consists of information and ways to contact. I therefore don't have any experience in payment systems and will not provide such in any setups I make. Only information, contact and minor media.

I have basic knowledge in websites in regards to CMS systems and how a website works, although I have no interest in HTML, CSS, PHP etc. Therefore I don't have any experience in said languages, but only in the simplest setup of a CMS site, such as a WordPress website.

Regardless though my limitations, I pretty much learn from all jobs, so if anyone are interested in a website they are free to contact me, and I can make you a website for what you believe it is worth, since my skills are limited.

Teknik Mobil Diskotek

Teknik Mobil Diskotek ( is a company that provides all the equipment needed for a party. This includes speakers, visuals, DJ and even photography to capture the great moments. 

Teknik needed a basic one-page site with information about who they are and the concept, as well as contact information and a contact form.

Min DJ

Min DJ ( is a concept by Teknik Mobil Diskotek which provides simplified party packages for minor private parties to larger parties such as school parties.

Min DJ needed an easy-to-navigate website which provides information about the concept and a way to contact the company. Much like Teknik's site, this was a combination of a one-pager that lists prices and an overview of the packages, which links to their own page providing full detail of the package.

AV Support

AV Support ( is a company which provides custom installations of AV equipment, designed for the customer's needs.

AV Support had an existing and old website, which was pricey and difficult to maintain. They therefore needed an updated website with some of the newest software to maintain their website, and easily connect with their customers. Their website only served to provide information and a way for people to get in contact with them. As such, they recieved a new website with a more modern look and a simplified backend infrastructure.