Escaping Blocks 2

Play the Stickman in this infinite arcade platform runner, the prequal to Escaping Blocks. Reach far distances by jumping off walls, over and under blocks, with great precision.

Experience the big open world of blocks and discover alternative routes to avoid the dangers ahead of you.

Think smart, think fast, because before you know it, the game might be over.

[How to play]
– Tap to jump off the ground or the walls
– Hold to jump higher
– Swipe down to jump down from ramps
– Get as far as possible!

Would you like to become a beta tester? Then send me an e-mail at

Press Material


Video Preview


   2015-06-26 15.37.43   2015-06-26 15.37.34


         2015-06-26 15.38.24

Trial version

– Displays ads.

– Limited to a single world

– Limited to a single character

– No rankings and achievements.

2015-06-26 15.27.57       2015-06-26 15.27.52


v 1.0.0
– App Store release!

v 1.0.1
– Fixed an issue regarding the GameCenter, where the game didn’t upload the highscore.

v 1.1.0
– Added a pause button.
– Added Achievements to GameCenter.
– Increased the speed increase.
– Updated the maps.
– Fixed an issue that caused the game to still be increased when the player was dead. This meant that every animation also would be sped up.

v 1.1.1
– Added new maps.
– Updated maps.
– Updated the “Paused” page with a title saying “Paused” and the Home and Replay buttons.
– Added Leaderboards and Sounds On/Off buttons to the start menu.

v 1.2.0
– Added new worlds! The player now runs through different worlds the longer he gets.
– Added encryption to the data files to avoid cheating in the future.
– Added a new achievement for running 1500 and 2000 meters in a single game.
– Changed the increased difficulty to never exceed a speed increase of 150 % (90 step).
– Fixed a typo in the game title on the menu page.
– Fixed an error causing the “Home” button from the Pause menu, not to restart the game, once started from the Home menu.
– Fixed an error causing the achievements for 1000 meters and above not to be “achieved”.
– Fixed an error causing the “Replay” button to not restart the game when the “Pause” button was pressed at the same time as game over.
v 1.3.0
– Added new characters to unlock and choose from, at the new characters selection menu.
– Updated maps.
– Updated and fixed a problem with saving/loading stats and achievements. No achievements are lost from Game Center.
– Fixed an issue causing the game to crash upon launch due to data encyption.

v 1.3.1
– Added a new unlockable character (“Rainbow”) for running 1500 meters.
– Fixed an issue caused by the “Rate game?” dialog, that would corrupt the save data and “reset” the game.
– Optimized the resolution adaptation.
– Changed the menu title to a sprite instead of being drawn, due to issues with the font sizes.

v 1.3.2
– Added Twitter and partial Facebook sharing. (Facebook cannot share predefined text, and screenshots are black – needs to be fixed)

v 1.3.3
– Updated Twitter and Facebook sharing to now properly take a screenshot. Facebook is still unable to share predefined text “as by design” caused by Facebook themselves.