Space Jam 2

The Game

Imagine you are alone in space and your space ship's engine doesn't work. The only way to get home is to punch holes in the ship, to let oxygen out in order to move. But letting oxygen out, you are essentially letting the only thing keeping you alive, out. So better get home quick!

Space Jam 2 was a Game Jam entry at the 2016 Nordic Game Jam with the theme "Leak". Other than the air leaking from the spaceship, we would leak the upcoming and sadly unofficial game for the movie by the same title, Space Jam 2.


You steer the ship by pressing the buttons on the UI in the corner. Each button is mapped to the ship according to their place on the outlining.


Anja Eliasen Lumholtz Nielsen

Game Design

Sebastian Bulas


Radostina Kazakova


Casper Riboe (Me)
Jens Schmidt
Martin Edvardsen