Magic Illuminator

Play the Escaping Blocks set in the theme of your favourite clothing brand, Magic Illuminator!

The games is set in the style of Magic Illuminator, mixing up the white and black colours, while adding in the contrast of elements from Escaping Blocks 2: The sequel. This creates and interesting retro-like world with the simple and minimalistic, yet sharp and good looking graphics.

The game is still under heavy design development, to express the Magic Illuminator in it’s best way, and will be a little something from the makers of Magic Illuminator to all of it’s great followers.

[How to play]
– Tap to jump off the ground or the walls
– Hold to jump higher
– Swipe down to jump down from ramps
– Get as far as possible!

Experience the big open world of blocks and discover alternative routes to avoid the dangers ahead of you.

Think smart, think fast, because before you know it, the game might be over.


NOTE: These are concept screenshots of the game, not the final result!